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About 20 Years ago a friend of mine was diagnosed with arthritis of the eye and also down her jaw line. She didn`t want to take steroids or anti inflammatories so she tried curing it with a diet.

At the time my husband and I were running a B&B in the Yorkshire Dales and we got all our fresh supplies from a farm shop there. I was visiting it one day when I spotted a book on the butchers counter called "Arthritis without drugs" written by Rex Newnham. I asked the assistant who Rex Newnham was. She informed me that he lived next door to the farm shop and then showed me the tubs of capsules which they were selling.

I purchased the book and  was amazed at the story behind the capsules. The research was truly extensive and worldwide. My friend read the book and hot-footed over to the farm shop to  purchase . Within two weeks the inflammation had started to subside and gradually it went altogether.

I then started to take the capsules called Arthro Trace. They have been a preventative for me, whilst a lot of my friends have had knee replacements plus all sorts of arthritic complaints. I have been totally free of any arthritis and I am now 75!

Some years ago my friend and I knocked on Rex`s door as we wanted to thank him for all his research and for producing the Arthro Trace. He was 87 and his wife 89. She pointed out to us how straight her spine was and said "That`s 30 years of my husbands Arthro Trace" She also told us she had recently fallen down the stairs and although she had some bruises there were no damaged bones which really surprised the doctors. They did a bone density test and she was found to have the bones of a 60 year old. Such a wonderful supplement.

Rhoda - Chester

I had been suffering with Rheumatoid Arthritis since the age of 32 years. I spent 15 years researching natural methods of helping the body to heal.

I tried most complementary and alternative therapies, from acupuncture to urine therapy. They all had a positive effect on my health but the effects were short lived. The cyclical nature of the rheumatoid, the relapses and the periods of remission remained.

In 2000 I was fortunate enough to read an article by Dr Rex Newnham on Arthritis and Boron. I rang him to discuss his article and was impressed by his certainty that Boron would not only relieve my symptoms but would help the body achieve full skeletal health.

This is indeed what happened. As soon as I started the Boron the cyclical relapse and remission pattern ceased. It took me a few years to regain full health and mobility, bearing in mind that it takes the body 7 years to replace every single cell in the skeletal system. Now, 21 years later, I still take Boron daily for optimum bone health and my rheumatoid experience is a dwindling memory.

I am a retired physiotherapist, that practised a variety bodywork techniques. I would always recommend nutritional supplements to help the body heal itself and Arthro Trace was one of them.

If anybody requires further information about my experiences with Boron I will be happy to oblige.

Helen - Exeter

I am 75 years old and have suffered with a condition called Bronchiectasis since contracting whooping cough as a child - it left the bronchial tubes damaged. I was always suffering with chest infections which were treated with antibiotics . The older I got the more frequent the infections and therefore more antibiotics. I was getting them at least once a month. I did not understand the damage this was doing to my immune system. I started to feel tired all the time and had no energy.

A friend suggested I go to see a Nutrition Therapist and wasn`t that such good advice. It took her nearly a year to restore my immune system. She then recommended I took a supplement called "Olive Leaf". That was nearly twenty years ago, I`ve never had a chest infection or antibiotic since! I highly recommend this wonderful product.

Rhoda - Chester

Olive leaf extract is a great supplement to boost the immune system and deal with fungal, viral and bacterial infections. My daughter was on Antibiotic therapy most of the time, due to her low immune system, with Downs Syndrome and congenital heart condition. Yellow green discharge came constantly from her eyes, nose and chest, due to candida.

Together with a no sugar and organic diet and daily intake of the precious olive leaf extract, my daughter’s life drastically changed and improved and all that discharge disappeared. That so improved her quality of life and sleep.

I noticed as her Mum, that the olive leaf extract benefited me too, as I am suffering from Lyme’s Disease, which caused multiple abscesses in my face, gums and sinuses and chronic pain. Since I take olive leaf extract on a regular basis, my condition has very much improved. Even though the doctors assure to me that this late diagnosed Lyme’s Disease cannot be cured, this is certainly containing it and I feel so much better and mostly symptoms free. What a relief!

Andrea - Leeds

For years, I have been beating myself for feeling low and in a hole periodically. Some of the time I had no reason which made it even worse. This made me think I was ungrateful, and therefore tried to hide my depression. My close family and friends soon became aware of it and stood by me, not quite knowing what to do.

Then we discovered that my Mother and sister had the same symptoms and explained to me they suffered from clinical depression. This can be inherited and is due to Seratonin imbalance.

I was so relieved, when my wife discovered Rhodiola from our dear friend who is a Nutritional Therapist. She advised me that this arctic root is very safe to take, even in conjunction with antidepressants and has many health benefits.

I have taken Rhodiola for over eight years on a regular basis, without further need of antidepressants. I have definitely experienced the benefit of coping with bereavement, stress and every day life, so much better, without sinking into that hole. My wife and daughter have certainly witnessed a great change and stability in me, for which I am very grateful.

Mike - Leeds

Unknown to me, I had struggled many years from Lyme’s Disease, which eventually caused Arthritis of my eyes. This was extremely painful. Even the vibration of walking was excruciating. The hospital consultant prescribed anti inflammatory eye drops. I was informed that I may have to face steroid therapy to soothe this painful inflammation, if there was no improvement. I started to get really worried, as nothing changed.

At that time a good friend of mine rang me with great excitement, that she found a book at the farmers shop, stating “how to cure arthritis without drugs”, next to bottles of capsules, formulated by Rex Newham, who had lived next to this farm shop. I read through his studies and was very impressed about his statistics of soil samples, the importance of boron and its function and the combinations of vitamins and minerals he put together.

I started straight away, together with a healthy diet and bathed my eyes in optrex, which contains a small amount of boron. Within days I felt an improvement and the eye specialist did not have to put me on steroids.

Obviously eyes are easy to monitor visually and I could observe the redness disappearing and felt the pain dwindling.

Since then I am taking Arthro Trace every day, as I discovered that Lyme’s disease is associated with arthritis and would riddle me in due time. I am now 61 years old, work as a nurse in a busy nursing home, have an allotment and love hiking over the Yorkshire Dales. I am so grateful to be arthritis and pain free, which is amazing

Andrea - Leeds

Having suffered with arthritis for many years, I would highly recommend using Arthro Trace supplied by Ballards Apothecary. I am currently looking into their large variety of vitamins and supplements for future use. Very informative company with a swift and easy delivery service.

Dulcie - Suffolk