Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2

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Vitamin K2 - 60 tablets

Suggested use: Take one tablet daily


    Each capsule provides: Vitamins K2 (as Menaquinone-7) 200ug


    What is Vitamin K2?


    Our bodies need calcium to build and maintain bones. When it breaks down calcium in our bodies, vitamin K2 activates a protein that helps the mineral bind to our bones to do its job. While research is ongoing, studies show a higher K2 intake improves bone density and reduces the risk of bone fractures.


    Vitamin K2, Wrinkles and Reverse Aging Collagen and elastin are two of the components of skin that give it firmness and elasticity. As skin ages, it loses both collagen and elastin and its youthful appearance along with them. Vitamin K2 could help maintain youthful skin, activating Matrix-GLA and in turn preventing calcification of elastin.


    Vitamin K2 and Varicose Veins Vitamin K2 activates matrix-Gla protein to mop up calcium in vessels. Calcification of veins has been shown to be a contributor to varicose veins, so Vitamin K2 may also help prevent this. Varicose veins are not always detrimental to our health but can be unsightly and uncomfortable.


    Vitamin K2 and Blood Sugar Regulation The second Vitamin K-dependent protein, osteocalcin, may help the body to use insulin. Activated proteins may increase insuli