Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea

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Rhodiola Rosea - 120 capsules 

Suggested use: Take two capsules daily in the morning


    Each capsule provides: Rhodiola Rosea - 400mg (from 27mg of root extract, 15:1 min 1% Salidroside, max 40% Polyphenols)


    Rhodiola (rhodiola rosea) known also as golden root is a much-researched plant adaptogen. The main active compounds of Rhodiola are salisdroside and polyphenols. Each capsule provides Rhodiola extract standardised to deliver min 1% salidroside and 40%.


    Rhodiola has been used for hundreds of years and widely considered a super-herb. It's properties have seen many aspects of performance both physically and mentally for hundreds of years now. Fun fact, even the Vikings are said to have used this herb before heading out in to battle.


    Rhodiola can balance your body's natural cortisol production, leaving you feeling more energetic whilst preventing significant reduction in performance.


    Rhodiola consumption has shown to trigger a fat burning response to counter act such digestion issues as higher blood pressure, increased heart rate whilst supressing sugar craving's. It targets the adipose fat tissue found around the stoma