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All About Us

A Healthy & Happy Beginning

Welcome and thank you for visiting Ballards ⚖ Apothecary.

We provide Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements that your body needs to stay healthy at whatever stage of your life.

Do you Suffer from Arthritis?

We are the proud owners and leading distributor of the fast selling and very popular Artho Trace. This unique combination of Vitamins and Minerals was formulated and initially distributed by the incredible and fascinating Dr Rex E. Newnham Ph.D, D.O, N.D, B.Sc., BANT.

Dr Rex E. Newnham dedicated his later years to research and a subsequent journey educating the world on his findings. In particular, exposing a direct correlation to deficiencies of certain minerals and vitamins in our diet and Arthritic conditions.

Dr Rex Newnham's unique formula speaks for itself, with numerous success stories all over the world. Only available here.

Thanks to Dr Newnham, you our wonderful consumers, amazing research academics and incredible manufacturing companies, whom we’ve built such special relationships with. Ballards ⚖ Apothecary has grown in to a popular Vitamins and Supplement provider throughout the U.K.

Our Promise to You

We are devoted to you and will endeavour to meet your expectations. Continuing to research and listen in order to offer you an evolving range of the highest-quality products to better your needs and live a more healthy, happy and fulfilling life.

Ballards ⚖ Team


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